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DHS Derelict in Border Duties
1 in 4 pleas for air support left unanswered
WorldNetDaily.com -- June 10   
Credit: WND.com
    Washington -- The Department of Homeland Security isn't meeting up to a quarter of service requests for air and marine backup to meet potential homeland security threats, according to the congressional watchdog Government Accountability Office, Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin is reporting.
    The Custom and Border Protection's Office of Air and Marine, or OAM, provides air and marine support at the request of the U.S. Border Patrol. In fiscal year 2010, OAM met 73 percent of 38,662 requests for air support and 88 percent of the 9,913 requests for marine support.
    The level of support differed by region in which OAM met requests for air support 77 percent of the time in the northern region but 60 percent of the time in the southeast region.
    Some of these non-responses occurred at locations designated as high priority based on threats.
    OAM seeks a 95 percent goal. The reasons given for not achieving this goal had to do with maintenance and adverse weather, in that order.
    OAM has begun to take action to acquire modern aircraft and to purchase all-weather vessels to deal with these deficiencies. However, OAM didn't keep good documentation to analyze its support of "asset mix and placement across locations."... Read More

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