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Border Madness
Huge surge seen
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Small icons show enforcement actions since Aug. 22 where exact GPS locations are known - less than 1/4th of the total actions reported. For example there were 21 reports on Sept. 5, but only three had GPS coordinates. Some of the individual reports involved more than 40 illegal aliens or hundreds of pounds of drugs.
American Border Patrol -- September 7  
    Illegal aliens and drugs are flooding across the border in record numbers. According to data from, the pace of the invasion of our nation has more than doubled in the past five weeks, with a marked increase following August 15 --- the official start date of Barack Obama's new "Dream" amnesty program. The data are being gathered by for just a part of the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol using classified means, but are considered very reliable.
    Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol, has looked at the yet-to-be released data and says that conditions along what is known as "Amnesty Trail," are chaotic. "Our border with Mexico is absolutely out of control," Spencer said, "We are working with to get the message to the American People," he added. Spencer expects new, startling results in the next ten days.

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