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Death by Negligence
Nicolas Ivie should still be alive
Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- October 3   
Agent Nicolas Ivie
    The murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent yesterday shouldn't have happened. Had the U.S. government built the border fence the way it was supposed to, the smugglers wouldn't have been there to shoot him.
    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for the construction of a double-layered fence along the entire stretch of border east and west of Naco, Arizona -- the site of the killing. Yet, today, some of the fence just south of the killing is twenty years old and only ten feet high. Some of the new fencing is so poorly designed that it can be cut through or climbed over with ease.
    I recently spoke with a Naco area border rancher who said in the past month he had three drug loads driven across his ranch – and they got away. There is a cheap fence along the border at his ranch.
    Initial reports say the agents were responding to a ground sensor hit north of the border. These sensors are so unreliable the agents may not have expected to find anything and had their guard down.
    The agents were based out of the new Naco station -- built at a cost of $30 million. Had I been given that $30 million, I could have secured the border at Naco, kept the old station open, and moved half of the agents to other spots where they were needed.
    The new station was named after Brian Terry, victim of another act of negligence by our federal government. What are they going to name after Nicolas Ivie --- the new amnesty program?

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