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New Border Technology a Hit
IDENTISEIS (AKA The Sonic Barrier) shown at El Paso meeting
American Patrol Report -- October 18   
Representatives of the U.S. Border Patrol watch a live demonstration by Mike King of IDENTISEIS.
     A new way to secure the border was shown to hundreds of high-level officials and business executives at a conference in El Paso Tuesday and Wednesday. The new technology, called IDENTISEIS, was displayed by its creator, Border Technology, Inc. of Hereford, Arizona. "This system provides a seamless method of detecting and identifying anyone or anything that tries to cross the border," said Mike King of Border Technology.
    King manned a high-tech booth at the Border Management Conference & Technology Expo in El Paso --- "the largest growing event for discussions on effective practices and technologies needed to ensure our borders are safe from recent security threats."
    Visitors to the booth saw live demonstrations of the system using a camera at BTI's ranch on the border in Arizona. King was also a speaker at the main conference where he showed a video, IDENTISES The Missing Link on the Border.
    King says those expressing an interest in the system included persons concerned with international border security, such as a representative of the United Nations, who said he saw real value in IDENTISEIS as a means of protecting emerging nations. "The response to IDENTISIES was overwhelmingly positive," King said.

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