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DHS -- The Artful Dodgers
Avoiding Border Accountability
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- December 30   
    In his Dec. 29 review of Custom and Border Patrol's new plan, Tom Barry says: "The new Border Patrol strategy makes not a single reference to the former goal of operational control, and the plan doesn't include any performance measures."
    This is a serious problem that American Border Patrol has focused on since 2009.
    At a July 10, 2010 town hall meeting, I addressed Border Patrol accountability with the then Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.
    In early 2011, a House hearing exposed how the DHS was playing word games to avoid accountability.
    The House followed up on this nonsense with the Secure Border Act (H.R. 1299). It requires that DHS prove that it has achieved Operational Control of the border - as defined in the Secure Fence Act of 2006. (H.R.1299 is now languishing in the Senate.)
    A major struggle is underway over the definition of border security; but it is little noticed or understood by the public – thanks to the mainstream media. At stake is the future of the United States as a sovereign nation.
    In the coming months, Americans are going to be told that the border is secure. The people telling them that – with the help of the mainstream media, have fought every attempt to define what border security means.
    American Border Patrol has developed a solution to the problem, - see PowerPoint (big file) - or a YouTube version, but the mainstream media have blacked us out, including Fox News.
    For years, high-paid DHS bureaucrats - carefully screened for advancement - have been dodging the border question.
    This time, however, they have a problem. The House has adopted the definition of border security; and ABP has developed the means to measure success.
    In the coming months we will be fighting to get the truth to the people. Our only opposition will be the President of the United States, the Democrat Party, the DHS, the mainstream media, and the government of Mexico.
    No problem.

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