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Appeal to Authority Misplaced
CNN runs ignorant RAND workers opinion
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- March 7   
    On February 15 CNN ran a commentary by two psychologists who happen to work for the RAND corporation.
    The most glaring thing I saw was this:
    A rapid expansion of personnel and technological resources over the past decade has improved border control chiefly by identifying and targeting areas with historically high volumes of illegal crossings. But building this system out further would be costly, and offer progressively lower returns on investment.
    A lower return on investment doesn't mean a bad return on investment. When proper fencing was installed at Yuma and El Paso, apprehensions dropped by more than 90%. My guess is that if a proper fence, or appropriate technology, was installed along the border between Nogales and Lukeville, apprehensions might drop by 85%. Not as good, but the savings would more than justify the investment.
    Each day this Web site features enforcement activity south of Tucson. Anyone who takes the time to listen to these audio reports knows that the border is totally out of control and that numerous CBP aircraft (SBI estimates 42 different aircraft are employed) - including UAVs, high flying jets, and numerous helicopters - are active 24/7 chasing illegal aliens across 30,000 square miles of desert. I estimate the cost to be at least $1 million per day.
    I guarantee that if the Sonic Barrier system was installed along this part of the border – at a cost of about $10 million - the investment would be returned in less than one month. A fence would be more costly, increasing the payback time to about one year, but still quite respectable.
    CNN made it clear that these shrinks weren't speaking for the RAND Corporation. Good thing, since RAND recently reported that DHS didn't even know how many illegals cross the border, much less estimate how much would be saved by stopping them.

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