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2012 Highlight: L.A. Times Received $1 Million in Restitution
Ford Foundation compensates its victim
Los Angeles Times -- May 18, 2012   
L.A. Times will use $1-million grant to expand key beats
Ford's "bankrolling of 'open border' advocacy policy is sharply one-sided, and often extremist – William Hawkins - 1994
    The Los Angeles Times will use a $1-million grant from the Ford Foundation to expand its coverage of key beats, including immigration and ethnic communities in Southern California, the southwest U.S. border and the emerging economic powerhouse of Brazil.
    Times Editor Davan Maharaj announced the grant Thursday, calling it "great news" that will bolster coverage of subjects vitally important to readers.
Red Dot
American Patrol Report Comment
    The Ford Foundation has been the major source of funding for Hispanic organizations in the United States. It was responsible for creating the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).
    The Ford Foundation fought every effort to enforce our immigration laws. One of its lackeys, Robert Bach, actually set INS immigration policy under Bill Clinton.
    As Spanish replaced English as the primary language in Los Angeles, Times readership fell. "Over the last decade, no paper has lost readership at a faster pace than the L.A. Times."
    The Los Angeles Times is one of the victims of the Ford Foundation funded invasion of California --- although a willing one.
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