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Is Border Security Topic Verboten?
Power structure not interested in solutions
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- January 4   
McCain, Flake lead way on immigration-reform proposal
Mike King of Border Technology on front page of Sierra Vista Herald
    Arizona's Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake are poised to lead the way on immigration reform this year. McCain and Flake, a former six-term U.S. representative, were both previously known as high-profile supporters of proposals for a guest-worker program and a pathway to legal status for illegal immigrants already in the country.
    However, in recent years, under pressure from enforcement advocates, they had pivoted to take a position that would postpone actions on those reforms until the U.S.-Mexican border was sufficiently secured.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    American Border Patrol is a non-profit Arizona corporation. It has worked for ten years to find a solution to the border problem. It has demonstrated technology that will do just that. Despite this, the only Arizona newspaper to cover this important story is the Sierra Vista Herald Review.
    Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, recently invited Ted Robbins of NPR to interview him --- as he did ten years ago. He has yet to receive an answer.
    Why is the power structure so reluctant to investigate a way to secure the border? Could it be that it doesn't want the border secured?

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