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Big Media Fire Opening Salvo in Amnesty War
NY Times/LA Times let loose on American minds
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American Patrol Report Comment -- January 13 
    The above-the-fold NY Times headline says it all: Obama Will Seek Citizenship in One Fast Push -- IMMIGRATION OVERHAUL -- Resists Plan Favored by Rubio to Tackle the Problem Piecemeal.
    So begins a propaganda campaign to win the hearts and minds of Americans so they will approve of amnesty for more than 11 million illegal aliens --- lots more.
    The Times story makes it appear that the debate is really over two approaches to legalization; the all-at-once Obama plan, or a piecemeal plan headed up by Senator Rubio. It fails to mention the alternative favored by most Americans --- enforce the law, beginning with the border.
    At the same time the Battleship NY Times unleashed its big guns, the Destroyer Escort LA Times let go with its peashooter, claiming that people living near Bisbee, Arizona are tired of seeing U.S. Border Patrol agents. "Residents in Arizona town feel 'invaded by Border Patrol'."
    The people of Bisbee depend on the business, and security that border patrol agents bring to their town. They love them!
   Then there's the photo used by the LA Times that makes it appear the border is impregnable. In fact, most of the border fence near Bisbee is absolutely useless (and the fence in the Times photo isn't anywhere near Bisbee! ABP thinks it was taken 60 miles west at Nogales.).
    It has often been said that truth is the first casualty of war. This war will be no different, so expect nothing but pro-amnesty propaganda from these newspapers from here on out.
Update: American Border Patrol has supplied a photo showing that the fence at Nogales was replaced since the Times photo.

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