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Hard Freeze Threatens Border Crossers
Border Patrol practice puts people at risk
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American Patrol Report -- January 14 
    The coldest temperatures in years have hit southern Arizona and have slowed illegal immigration across the border, but hasn't stopped it entirely. Although temperatures were extremely dangerous, some illegals continued to move north, including one group of thirty people, according to secureborderintel.org.
    Last week the Arizona Daily Star ran a story about the dangers of cold weather to migrants, but that was before the really severe cold weather arrived.
    Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, a non-profit border watchdog group, criticized the Border Patrol's practice of allowing migrants to cross the border and then chasing them down as they proceed north. According to a recent study by the GAO, in the Tucson Sector more than thirty percent of migrants are apprehended more than twenty miles north of the border. "The most humane thing our government could do is to stop people at the border." Spencer said.
    Spencer said he is sure lots of people were caught making the long walk north. "I live on the border and the temperature outside at 6 AM is 18 degrees F. I am sure there are people out there right now who are freezing, but we can't find them," he added.

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