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Risking Lives to Get A Job?
Migration in bitter cold defies reason
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"I've got bodies running all over the place.” (See larger image)
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- January 16 
    I am writing this at 5:42 AM on Wednesday and the outside air temperature here on the border in Hereford, Arizona is 19 degrees F. It has been this cold for the past four nights. Still, people are crossing the border under these conditions. Are they just looking for work - or is something else going on?
    Omaha is a US Border Patrol helicopter. It is Sunday night, Jan. 13.
    The location is about five miles west of Nogales, Arizona.
    Omaha: "We've got bodies running all over the place. I've got my lights on them now."
    Another agent reported: "The driver hit a pedestrian and taking off. And then I saw him at Court (sp?) and Morely (sp?) and the guy looked straight at me and struck my vehicle. He tried to hit me head-on and I swerved – and then he continued northbound on Morely (sp?) and he eventually wiped out under the 82 bridge on Morley."
    A National Guard aircraft reported activity just south of the border "I'm looking at nine fires on my screen right now," he reported. The fires are there to warm people in Mexico waiting for the right moment to cross into the U.S.
     As the wholesale invasion of American unfolds in the desert Southwest --- day and night --- and in severe weather conditions - our media spend their time counting the number of politicians who favor amnesty.

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