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Border Enforcement First
And how to do it
KTAR -- Phoenix -- January 14   
Brewer: Border security before immigration reform
Phoenix -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she won't support efforts to reform the nation's immigration system until the border with Mexico is secure.
    The Republican said in her annual State of the State speech Monday that she's heard the calls for immigration reform and agrees that the nation's system is broken. But she says the federal government must fulfill its promise of border security before she'll back reform efforts.
    She says steep declines in illegal crossings along the Border Patrol's Yuma sector are proof that security is possible. She urged more action to secure the Tucson Sector as well. The Tucson region is the busiest in the nation for human and drug smuggling.
    Once that's done Brewer vowed to work with others to reform immigration laws.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    About half of the Yuma Sector is fenced compared to 30 percent of the Tucson Sector. And, the part of the Yuma Sector that isn't fenced is so desolate and so far from human activity that few dare cross it.
    The western part of the Tucson Sector --- about 17% of which is fenced --- is now the main border battleground. According to secureborderintel.org, this year alone nearly 16,000 enforcement actions have taken place just south and west of Tucson. That is, SBI has been able to count 16,000 times the US Border Patrol took action involving human and drug smuggling. A rough guess puts the number of aliens involved at about 150,000 --- and they may not detect another 150,000 --- meaning about 200,000 people entered the US illegally using the "Amnesty Trail." – The DHS decided not to fence the entire Tucson Sector as called for in the Secure Fence Act of 2006, and we are now paying the price.
    For the past two years American Border Patrol has been testing a system that would simplify border enforcement, and at the very least would tell us exactly where the problems are. It could be installed on the entire 400-mile Arizona-Mexico border for less than one tenth of what Boeing wasted on 50 miles of the infamous virtual fence. I hope politicians will take the time to consider this option.

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