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Greek Fence Cuts Illegal Immigration by 99%
Citizens Support It

Should Republicans confront Obama on the border issue?
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Southeast Europe Times -- January 2  
Greek fence up at Turkish border as immigrants come by sea
    As Greece completed a 10.5-kilometre long fence on its border with Turkey in a bid to keep out waves of illegal immigrants, a small overcrowded boat carrying Iraqis fleeing their country sank on December 15th off the island of Lesbos, within sight of Turkey, drowning 20.
    The timing illustrated the plight of immigrants trying to get into the EU through its southernmost member state as Greece attempts to cope with flow of immigrants by land and sea.
    Greek authorities hope that the 4-metre tall barbed-wire fence along the Evros River that cost more than 3 million euros will keep them out. [...]
    Tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants used to cross into Greece from Turkey, but the wall and a trebling of border police on the Greek side has cut the numbers from 300 a day to 10-15 per month, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres.
    Piril Ercoban, director of the Turkish pro-refugee Solidarity With Refugees Association, said a fence isn't a solution for people willing to escape from poverty and cruelty in their home countries.
    "If obstacles are built, if fences are constructed, other ways can be found," Ercoban told SETimes. "As long as people feel the need to escape, they will find more expensive and risky solutions."
    The fence, she said, will just push illegal immigration to other destinations, such as the Aegean and Bulgarian frontiers which aren't guarded as well.
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    If Republicans had the courage to stand up for our culture and confront Obama directly on the border issue, they would regain public support.
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