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Immigration Conspiracy
Few Americans Understand What Happened

Activist Speaks Out
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Glenn Spencer – also President and chief pilot for American Border Patrol
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- January 23  
The Immigration Conspiracy
    I have been immersed in the illegal immigration issue for more than twenty years. I have studied and documented the issue every day without stop. I think I know the subject better than most -- if not better than anyone.
    Some people ask why I don't write a book. Ten years ago there were 300,000 books published in the U.S. Last year it reached over ten million. Who will read all those books? Very few.
    But I have written a book -- It is called the American Patrol Report. It has been accessed more than 34 million times. (Actually, I write the feature story for the American Patrol Report – someone else posts the stories). I have also had a radio show.
    The American Patrol Report was started in 1995, although our online archives only go back to 2001 -- twelve years. That means I have written about 6,500 daily features. I stand by every one -- and I stand by every broadcast.
    After over twenty years of research I have firmly concluded that illegal immigration into the U.S. was made possible by a massive conspiracy launched by the Ford Foundation, The Catholic Church, the AFL/CIO, the Los Angeles Times, The Communist Party, and individuals such as Doris Meissner, Robert Bach, Peter Schey, Morris Dees and former California Governor Gray Davis.
    Thanks to the mainstream media, there are probably only a handful of Americans who truly understand what has been done to them. Some say the immigration system is broken. If it is, it's because the conspirators broke it intentionally.
    Of this I am absolutely certain: If Obama's amnesty wins the day, the plan that these conspirators launched so many decades ago will have succeeded -- and we will have lost the United States forever. There will be no recovery -- only chaos.

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