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More Arizona Republic Border Propaganda
Border "Fence" a threat to Antelope?
Feature Photo
"Border" Antelope -- near Prescott -- 175 miles north of border
Bob Ortega -- Arizona Republic -- January 23  
Environmentalists: Border fence putting Arizona pronghorns in peril
    The land where the antelope play, where Arizona meets Mexico, has been divided in recent years by taller and longer border fences.
    They are meant to keep out or slow undocumented migrants and drug smugglers coming north from Mexico, but environmentalists say they're also helping drive two southeastern Arizona pronghorn antelope herds to the brink of dying out.
    Environmentalists say the inability of the pronghorn --- and other wildlife --- to range freely across southern Arizona and northern Mexico has contributed to dramatic declines in the population of what are known as the San Rafael and Sonoita herds. From 122 animals identified in a 2005 count, the herds' numbers fell to 26 in a survey last year, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
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American Patrol Report Comment
Maps prepared by American Border Patrol show that DHS fencing south and west of the Huachuca Mountains -- the area where the San Rafael and Sonoita herds might be found -- is mostly vehicle barriers, easily crossed by Antelope.
    Other than the Goldwater Bombing Range (and who wants Antelope bombed?) the only real fencing is limited to areas around Nogales, Sasabe and Lukeville -- a total of 22 miles out of a 260-mile section of the border. And, the 22-miles of real fencing is around populated areas – not normally favored by Antelope.
    Reporter Ortega suggests that cutting the bottom layer of barbed wire fencing might help the Antelope -- but ranchers use that kind of fencing for cattle -- it has never stopped people.
    Finally, the heart-tugging photo of Antelope shown in the story was taken near Prescott, Arizona -- 175 miles north of the border. In other words, the Arizona Republic is lying about the border fence.
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