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Invasion Surges
USBP overwhelmed
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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- January 25  
    The U.S. Border Patrol is being overwhelmed by a huge surge of people invading the United States of America from Mexico. According to data being acquired by secureborderintel.org, the Border Patrol is trying to stop up to 1,000 people a day who cross the border illegally south of Tucson, Arizona. Most get through.
    Using intelligence sources and methods that cannot be revealed at this time, SBI is able to document individual enforcement actions by date, time and type and, in some cases, location. SBI estimates that it is able to specifically document approximately 1/3 of all actual activity.
    From January 1 to November 19 of 2012, SBI documented 5,812 individual enforcement actions, of which 1,506 included GPS locations. The map shown on this page shows the location of those actions.
    Since SBI logs only 1/3 of all actions, the total USBP enforcements is approximately 17,000 (3 X 5,812) for the period covered. Thus, the locations shown on the map are thus less than 1/10 of actual activity.
    The process used by SBI to produce these results is very labor intensive. Because of the huge surge across the border, it has fallen behind in processing the data. The analyst who does the work reported an "enormous" jump in activity after January 18, however.
    The most recent surge began after August 15, 2012, the date when Barack Obama's new amnesty program went into effect.
    There is no question that Customs and Border Patrol personnel are being overwhelmed.

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