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CBP Arizona Action -- A Closer Look
All action reports plotted on map
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Each dot represents an actual CBP enforcement report – and only 1/3 of all reports are mapped. -- See larger map
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- January 26  
    Yesterday we reported on a surge in border crossing in southern Arizona. We used data from secureborderintel.org to plot the actual locations where Customs and Border Patrol people reported enforcement actions. But of the 5,812 reports, we could only plot 1,506 of them that had GPS locations.
    In order to show all of the 5,812 reports we produced "synthetic" GPS locations randomly and plotted all of the data. The synthetic locations are very close the where the action is, but not precisely. Still, the new map is more representative of what is going on south of Tucson. And, these dots on the map still only represent 1/3 of the real activity.
    In the coming weeks American Border Patrol will work with SecureBorderIntel.org to take advantage of the rich storehouse of data that SBI has amassed. We expect to have a video by the end of February that will include aerial surveillance of the action. The results will show even the most skeptical observer that the border is totally out of control.

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