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UAP -- Unmanned Arizona Politician
McCain calls for more drones -- but they don't work
Washington Times -- January 28  
New border security relies heavily on drones to hunt illegal immigrants
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    The immigration overhaul framework top senators released Monday relies heavily on more drones to patrol the border with Mexico as a key way to control the flow of illegal immigrants.
    "Our legislation will increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles," the senators said in their framework, saying they also hope to boost border patrol agents and surveillance equipment.
    The proposal doesn't say how many drones would be added to the federal fleet, but the reliance on drones could be problematic at a time when some in Congress are calling for a review of how law enforcement uses them.
    And the Homeland Security Department's inspector general has reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection's current drone program is chaotic and the agency can't keep its drones flying at the rate it had promised.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    American Border Patrol has exclusive data that show that the scandalous CBP Predators are used only about 5% of the time to help stop the overwhelming invasion now going on south of Tucson, Arizona.
    While McCain said that we need better border security before we "move on with this issue."
    He then joined other Senators to propose that we grant legal status to illegal aliens before we have established border security.
    American Border Patrol has tested a system called IDENTISEIS® that could well provide a solution to the border problem, but we have had one heck of a time getting the people in power to take a look at it. It seems McCain is most interested in things that don't work.

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