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Millions Hear the Truth
Spencer interviewed on BBC
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- January 30  
Owen Bennett Jones
    Yesterday I was interviewed by Owen Bennett Jones, host of BBC's NewsHour. (Download the podcast here) -- (I have produced a little video with some graphics and comments -- click here to see it.)
    At the outset Jones and reporter Paul Adams claimed that Barack Obama was supportive of the idea of establishing border security before legalization. I challenged Jones on this, but you won't hear it because BBC edited that part out. I questioned them on that by email and they answered by saying: "It did not make sense to start with your disagreement with Owen - the argument was not developed and it was very short - so it made sense to start with Owen asking you what you think of what the President said. It was very clear what you said and it made an impact." That is a fair statement.
    I want to thank the BBC for giving me this opportunity. If you listen to the podcast or watch my video, you will see that they gave me every opportunity to make my point. Millions of people heard what I had to say. Now maybe a few hundred members of Congress will listen as well.

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