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Norman Rockwell Moment
Town Hall meeting in 2011 led to action
Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- January 30  
From left: Acting Tucson Sector Chief Salazar, Rep. Barber, GAO author Gambler. Photo by Cynthia for American Border Patrol
 Large crowd gathers to hear Barber's border assessment
    Douglas -- It was standing room only on Monday, but the people in the audience weren't attending a theater performance.
    It was to hear from Democratic. U.S. Ron Barber, representatives from the Government Accountability Office, the head of the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol and a rancher veterinarian about security along the international boundary separating the United States and Mexico.
    Noting it was more than two years ago, when promises were "started in this very room," Barber said "We still have more work to do. ...Still a fair way to go."
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    Rep. Barber, with whom I spoke, made it clear that the GAO report was ordered by Rep. Bennie Thompson, then Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, after a meeting in Douglas in July of 2011. I wonder what he could be talking about? (See this report of the meeting.)
    Could it be that a politician listened to a citizen and took action? Yup.
    I must congratulate Rep. Barber. He is a straight shooter and let all the dirty laundry hang out! For example, it became clear during the meeting that the figure of 61% used by the GAO of all illegal aliens are apprehended is not accurate.
    ABP's estimate is closer to 30%.

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