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Will Anyone Tell The Truth?
Even the BBC gets it wrong --- big time
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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- February 3  
I Demand The Truth
    Don't get me wrong; I really appreciate the opportunity that the BBC gave me to tell the truth about the border.
    But they got it wrong about Obama and conditions for amnesty. I had argued with host Owen Bennett-Jones about how they misreported the facts, but they cut that part out of the podcast.
    This is an exchange from the BBC NewsHour, Jan. 29 program:
   Paul Adams, BBC: " I think the important thing is he [Obama] is talking about border security and then looking after the 11 million illegal immigrants ---
in that order."
    Owen Bennett-Jones, BBC: "Yes, and that was very much a common feature of his proposal and the one outlined yesterday by members of Congress."
Red DotBBC was wrong
From The Hill - February 2
    ..."The proposal to make border security a condition for allowing illegal immigrants onto a pathway to citizenship has emerged as the biggest disagreement in the early debate. Obama pointedly did not call for it during a speech in Las Vegas, Tuesday"
Red DotBBC Should set the record straight
    I have exchanged emails with the NewsHour producer asking them to interview me again to set the record straight but have heard nothing so far.
    I am beginning to understand why big media don't like to interview me. I demand the truth.
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