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BBC To Spencer: You Were Right
How to show real class
Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- February 5   
    As I reported on Feb. 3, I had a bone to pick with the BBC about how they misrepresented Barack Obama's stand on border security and amnesty.
    Well, wonder-of-wonders, at 1:34 this morning I got an email from them saying I was right about everything I said – even the way they cut out from the podcast the part where I disagreed with the host of the show, Owen Bennett-Jones. This shows real class.
Red DotFrom BBC Response
    Your point is that our correspondent misrepresented the content of President Obama's speech because you think that he gave the impression that the President called for increased border security as a pre-condition to other measures and, in particular, to an amnesty for undocumented migrants.
    The White House also released a fact sheet. This also mentions border security as the top point, but does not explicitly suggest that border security is a pre-condition for the rest... It speaks of "continuing to strengthen border security".
    You are also right to say that President Obama's proposal is not the same as the senators' proposal, especially since it's lacking any suggestion of a commission of governors, attorneys general etc to monitor the progress of securing the border. But our correspondent Paul Adams points out in his interview that this element was missing from the President's speech.
    Listening back to the programmes carefully I think that you are right that we gave an inaccurate impression that the President has said that enhanced border security was a pre-condition for other policies, which you were able to correct on air. Your first answer, which made this clear, was unfortunately dropped in the second edition of the programme. Having spoken to the producer of the segment it was clear that this was done for timing reasons, not with the intention of changing the editorial focus of the item. It should not have been edited that way and the producer accepts this. You were able to clarify this in the remainder of the interview.

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