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Smear campaign aimed at ABP?
Keeping the Truth From Congress?
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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- February 7 
    American Border Patrol has been working to solve the border problem for ten years. Anyone interested in the truth about our organization should watch this video.
    Sure it takes a few minutes, but if you watch it you will understand why there is a smear campaign ABP and me -- we know too much.
    Richard Humphries has been working with me for ten years. Richard is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot --- F4s; and a former undercover drug agent and pilot for the State of Arizona. We have flown together all over the west --- from Idaho to the eastern tip of Texas.
    A few years ago his daughter, a senior in high school, told Richard she had learned in class that ABP was a hate group. Richard doesn't fool around so he went to the school and demanded --- and got – permission to set the record straight in front of his daughter's class.
    Last March as I began to demonstrate the Sonic Barrier system to an Arizona State Senate Committee, two Hispanic senators walked out. In October, my mere presence at a border technology conference caused the El Paso Times to join in the smear campaign. These are just a couple of examples that don't even mention the ever-present SPLC.
    The issue of defining border security is now looming large in the debate over amnesty. ABP is the expert on this issue – no other group even comes close. As the saying goes, "The closer to the target, the heavier the flack." We expect a lot of flack in the coming days and weeks as open borders folks fight to keep the truth from Congress.
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