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How Long Can They Ignore ABP?
Do they really want a border solution?
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American Patrol Report -- February 11  
        More than three years ago, Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol (ABP) set out on a mission to find a way to count everyone crossing the Southwest border. He even told the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee that he was going to do it.
ABP has now demonstrated a system that will do the job.
    But now that he has done what he set out to do, no one is interested in talking to Spencer. The local paper even fired the reporter who had been covering the story.
Just consider this from Bloomberg News today: "Meanwhile, the notion that the border can be made secure by law enforcement and technology alone is a fantasy. If we want to secure the border, Congress must first secure immigration reform."
    ABP has plans to get its border solution --- that is not a fantasy --- in front of the pubic eye. Stay tuned to see how they do.
VideoWatch this December 2011 report on the Sonic Barrier by KVOA-TV, Tucson

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