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Mexico Confirms Amnesty-Induced Surge
Attack on free speech keeps the truth from most Americans
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Bertha Becerra -- El Sol de Mexico -- February 11 -- Translated 
Alejandra Barrales asks the Executive Board a report on migration
    Mexico City -- Given the increased flow of Mexicans in the northern border because of the immigration reform announced by the government of the United States, Senator PRD Barrales Alejandra Magdaleno [female], request the Federal Executive a report of the measures are implemented to ensure respect for their rights and safety at crossings on the northern border.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    Since September we have shown how the Obama-amnesty induced a surge across the border.
    And the surge has gotten much worse.
    Mexicans are aware of the surge, but Americans are not. Why?
    Many people can't read our reports because the Southern Poverty Law Center's CyberPatrol software blocks us out.
    Those who use this software are told it bocks porn. In fact, it blocks any Web site that the hard left decides is "hate speech." Users are mostly unaware of this.
    Going further, obeying the edicts of the SPLC, the media won't report on the work of American Border Patrol either. It is an attack on free speech.
    But ABP survives on direct-mail support that people like the SPLC haven't figured out how to stop --- at least not yet. By the way, ABP's direct-mail campaign is very successful – bringing in more support than any other group trying to uphold the rule of immigration law. It is the "people's choice" --- when they know about it.

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