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Changes at GAO and CBP
Should Congress Define Border Success?
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Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- February 17  
    For years Richard Stana was the watchdog over Customs and Border Protection for the Government Accountability Office. He is now retired. Stana was forever after CBP to come up with a scorecard for performance.
    At a Feb. 11, 2011 House hearing on Operational Control of the Border, Stana said:
    "What you have is a numerator here. We have the number of apprehensions, for example, but you don't know how many people might have been there to apprehend. How many crossers were there? When you watch a baseball game they put the batting average up and you can kind of judge how many hits you got for so many at bats. Here you are just getting the number of hits."
    He was called the Denominator Man .
    In a new report, the GAO said the Border Patrol apprehends 61% of illegal aliens – strangely accepting their "denominator" without question.
    Last Friday, Ms. Cathleen Berrick, Managing Director Homeland Security and Justice Issues for the GAO, said that CBP should define what operational control of the border is. It's as if your teacher asked you to design your own tests.
    With CBP managers such as the soon-to-be retired head of CBP, David Aguilar, we cannot afford to have the Border Patrol define success --- Congress must do it.

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