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What Does a Secure Border Look Like?
Not Like This!
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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- February 19  
     A week from today the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security will hold a hearing. The subject of the hearing is What Does a Secure Border Look Like?
    I'm not sure what a secure border looks like -- maybe cattle grazing -- but I know how to measure it.
For sure, it doesn't look like the border south of Tucson where Customs and Border Protection people chase about 1,000 people across 30,000 square miles of desert -- every day and night.
    This subcommittee needs witnesses who know what is happening on the border and will tell the truth – not a bunch of bureaucrats who will mouth the administration's line.
    I would welcome an invitation -- but Miller would probably fear an uprising organized by the SPLC were she to do so. (That's why they smear people like me -- to shut us up.)
    Maybe Chairman Miller could find the courage of Arizona State Senator Allen and go ahead and invite me anyway.

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