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Border Solution to be on Public Display
"Sonic Barrier" (AKA IDENTISEIS) at Phoenix Expo
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American Patrol Report -- February 22  
    IDENTISEIS - the system that is being tested by American Border Patrol as the Sonic Barrier will be on display on March 12 and 13 at the Border Security Expo in Phoenix. Border Technology, Inc. --- inventors of IDENTISEIS --- will conduct live demonstrations of the system using remote cameras located at the Arizona - Mexico border.
    The BTI booth (#628) will be manned by Mike King, company Vice President and system co-inventor. King will present a major new improvement in IDENTISEIS that provides confirmation of how many people it detects and counts.
    The Border Security Expo will feature speeches by David Aguilar of Customs and Border Protection, and Mark Borkowski, head of technology acquisition for CBP. Major high-tech companies with booths at the expo include Raytheon, General Dynamics, Motorola, and IsraelDefense.com.
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