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What Does the Border Really Look Like?
Why won't USA Today show Americans?
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Caption: What an insecure border looks like.
Want to see the ABP survey? Click here!
USA Today -- February 23 
What does a 'secure' border look like?
  In Nogales, Sheriff Tony Estrada has a unique perspective on both border security and more comprehensive immigration reform. Born in Nogales, Mexico, Estrada grew up in Nogales, Ariz., after migrating to the U.S. with his parents. He has served as a lawman in the community since 1966.
    He blames border security issues not only on the cartels but on the American demand for drugs. Until that wanes, he said, nothing will change. And securing the border, he added, must be a constant, ever-changing effort that blends security and political support — because the effort will never end.
    "The drugs are going to keep coming. The people are going to keep coming. The only thing you can do is contain it as much as possible.
    "I say the border is as safe and secure as it can be, but I think people are asking for us to seal the border, and that's unrealistic," he said.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    USA Today is letting a fellow born in Mexico tell us that the border is as secure as we can make it. But when a fellow born in the U.S. tries to say it isn't --- they slander him.
    If this liberal rag had any integrity, it would run a story about ABP's survey of the border that Angela de la Rocha, former head of PR for CBP, said was a "service to the American People."

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