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Border Patrol Recordings Released
Media can confirm surge --- if they want to
American Patrol Report -- February 25   
    SecureBorderIntel.org has decided to release audio recordings of Customs and Border Patrol broadcasts to the public. These recordings are made by a listening device south of Tucson, Arizona, and pick up actual communications between agents and other agents and pilots of aircraft. The area covered is roughly south of Tucson and along the border from Nogales west to Lukeville.
    The listening device is voice-actuated so a given 24-hour period may contain just a few minutes of actual voice recordings. Also, since the device records only transmission made in the "clear" --- not scrambled --- it picks up only about 1/3 of all transmissions.
    American Border Patrol has prepared a video using actual recordings from Feb. 22, 2013. This can be used as a sort of primer for interpreting these recordings.
    For the past year SBI has been going over these recordings in detail. It is that analysis that led to the production of charts showing border activity.
    Now, any independent observer (such as newspaper reporters) can determine if the claim of a surge across the border since Obama's amnesty of last August is realistic.
    This presumes interest in the truth, however.

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