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Border Cover-Up
Media help DHS avoid accountability
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Mike King of Border Technology, Inc. demonstrates IDENTISEIS® (AKA the Sonic Barrier) to U.S. Border Patrol people last October.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- March 2  
    Four years ago I wrote this: "There is no doubt that the U.S. Border Patrol has the technology and money to count how many people cross the border. The real problem is they don't want to do it because the politicized Department of Homeland Security doesn't want the American people to know the truth about the border." Nothing has changed.
    Two years ago American Border Patrol began testing a system that would count everyone who crosses the border. It works.
    Since last April a multi-billion-dollar company has been looking at this system - and they are now investing money to test it further. A college professor with a PhD in physics from MIT has encouraged others to take a look at it as well.
    Yesterday I was at a border technology conference and spoke with Richard Danforth, President of DRS Technologies (IDSS). They are applying technology to secure the borders of Egypt and Jordan. He was so impressed with the IDENTISEIS® system he is going to ask his head of technology to contact me. He said that Jordan refuses to use existing Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) because of serious problems – problems that IDENTISEIS® solves completely.
    It will take time, but the IDENTISEIS® system (AKA the Sonic Barrier) is going to play a major role in border security -- worldwide. IDENTISEIS® could play a major role in securing our borders as well, but the mainstream media is doing everything it can - including smearing me personally - to make sure Americans don't know about it. They are going to be in for a surprise.
Red DotRelated: IDENTISEIS® will be on display at the Border Security Expo in Phoenix, March 12-13. The expo hall will be open to the public.

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