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Border Cover-Up Continues
NY Times and Arizona Daily Star guilty
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Meeting at Tech Park last Friday. Photo by Glenn Spencer from table where IDENTISEIS® was on display.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 3 
A front-page story in today's New York Times says it all.
Long Border, Endless Struggle
New York Times
    "In the 1990s and after 2006, when Congress set aside $2 billion to build border fences, the approach focused on static technology. San Diego was the model, with its three layers of fence and cameras atop poles 85 feet tall. But immigrants soon adapted and crossed elsewhere."
Red DotThe Truth -- The San Diego Fence Worked
The Secure Fence Act of 2006 was scuttled and only 35 miles of the original 700-mile fence was built.
New York Times
   "Mr. Bonner, the former customs commissioner, whose career has included stints as a judge and the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said the best way to measure border security involved comparing the number of people who are caught with those who crossed successfully." [...]
    "But that figure may be impossible to know."
Red DotThe Truth: American Border Patrol has demonstrated a system that counts how many people cross the border illegally.The NY Times had to have known that.
Red DotArizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- March 2
Tech Park aims to be border lab
    I was at that meeting at the invitation of the Tech Park and demonstrated the IDENTISEIS® system for reporter Tom Beal, but he made no mention of this in his report.
Lies and Black Out
    The mainstream media continue to lie about the border and they continue to blackout any news of American Border Patrol.

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