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Airplane "Bombs" Sierra Vista
Ultralight drops load of drugs on town
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Glenn Spencer --- American Border Patrol -- March 9  
    It was approaching midnight on Thursday when a high-flying Customs and Border Protection airplane spotted an ultralight heading for Sierra Vista, Arizona.
One-Alpha-Mike... Omaha-Two-Five.... we're tracking ultralight traffic south of Sierra Vista about to make a drop.... JFC requests if you can give us a hand with this...
Red DotOmaha-One-Alpha- Mike... its Omaha-Two-Five... yeah... priority is the ultralight... if you can work your way to the east.... N31 28.49, W110 13.51.... tracking northwest south of Sierra Vista...
Red DotAgents working the Campobello/ Camino Principal area... on "Mule One" ...this is Omaha 25....
Red Dotumm... I don't know if you guys already got passed this info... I got "cloud masked" when he dropped.. but we scanned the area.... no movement so far but I have a few hot spots if somebody wants to check them out.... it's up to you guys...
    We are unaware if the drugs were found – or what happened to the ultralight.
   Three years ago American Border Patrol's ultralight was used in a test to see if the Aerostat that hovers over Sierra Vista could see it.
    It couldn't
    It was just lucky that the CBP high-flyer happened to be scanning the area with a thermal camera when the ultralight crossed the border.
    ABP has tested a system that detects ultralights.
     Hopefully someday the government will decide to use it.

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