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Spreading Border Deception
Thought control is job 1
Los Angeles Times -- March 10   
Is the border secure?
[...] Homeland Security officials express frustration at what they consider unrealistic expectations. Because accurate measurement of migrant traffic has always been elusive (how can migrants be counted if they're not caught?), security levels will always be open to interpretation.
    The standards demanded by some lawmakers are unattainable, no matter the investment. "Even the heaviest concentration of fencing, all-weather roads, 24-hour lighting, surveillance systems and Border Patrol agents cannot seal the border completely," U.S. Border Patrol Chief Michael Fisher recently told Congress.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The Times says migrants can't be counted unless they're caught. What nonsense! American Border Patrol has demonstrated a simple way to do just that using proven oil exploration technology.
    Heaven forbid that someone might come down to our ranch and see if this really works! (Heaven hasn't forbidden it --- but media moguls have.)
    And good 'ole Chief Michael Fisher makes perfect he enemy of the good. How about cutting the flow down to 20,000 illegals per year?
    America is in trouble because our media practice thought control --- not journalism. (There is a surprise brewing for them, however.)

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