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Border Surge Seen in Texas as Well
Rancher says "It's a war"
KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas -- March 11   
Rancher says Border Patrol budget cuts are stab in the back
"We're not leaving. We going to stay and fight this thing. It's a battle, it's a war, there is no question."
    As Washington struggles to find a solution to the federal budget cuts in the recent sequester, the U.S. Border Patrol has begun to cut back, and the numbers are already beginning show immigrants are taking advantage of it.
    Border Patrol stats leaked to our newsroom show the RGV sector detained almost twice as many immigrants in February as they did in January.
    While Border Patrol agents will likely lose overtime and face up to 14 furlough days, one south Texas rancher says he's going to lose too, security he depends on.
    Just 4.5 miles north of the Falfurrias checkpoint, Mike and Linda Vickers live on a 1,000 acre ranch in Brooks County.
    When Mike moved to the ranch in the 1980's he says he would see about two or three immigrants crossing his property each week.
    Today he sees about 20 or 30 a day, tearing up his fences, breaking water pipes, some even breaking into his house.
    "The fences are cut, the property's trashed out," Mike said. "We have traffic absolutely every day, big groups, small groups."
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  Our only hope for survival rests with the House of Representatives.

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