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The One Percent Solution Is Bad
Stupid Me
Glenn Spencer, American Border -- March 14   
Caption: Arizona State Sen. Gallardo walks out on Glenn Spencer at March 2012 committee hearing.
    When I set out in 2009 to develop a way to count everyone who crosses the border, I had no idea what I was getting into. It thought it was going to be a simple matter of coming up with a way to produce a scorecard for the border and the problem would be solved. Stupid me.
    After a lot of work, in late 2010 we came up with the solution. We had installed seismic oil exploration equipment on my border ranch to see if it might do the job. To our amazement, it did.
    On Dec. 28, 2010 we demonstrated the system to a group of Arizona legislators. They were really impressed. Arizona Rep. John Kavanaugh told a reporter that he wanted Arizona to put up $5 million to test the idea.
    I thought we were really on our way. Stupid me.
    I was scheduled to demonstrate the system to an Arizona Senate Committee in March of that year, but the appearance was cancelled because open borders people said I am a racist.
    When I did finally appear before a senate committee a year later, two state senators walked out.
I didn't know technology would frighten them so. Stupid me.
    After two and half years of testing and development the technology we call The Sonic Barrier has proven it will do the job --- and a fraction of the cost of the ill-fated virtual fence. (There is something big afoot that will prove this beyond all doubt.)
    Yesterday I read in Bloomberg News that securing the border will cost an additional $16 billion per year.
    And I thought people would like the idea of securing the border at a one-time-cost of one percent of the Bloomberg's annual cost estimate. Stupid me.

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