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Fox News Fallacy
Wake up and smell the refried beans
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Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- March 20 
Fox News is not America's conservative media outlet. Conservatives want to secure our border and stop illegal immigration. Fox News does not. Here's proof.
    Yesterday, Fox News Latino (as if news is different for Latinos) ran an editorial that included this:
    "One example of this resource misdirection is the border fence. Based on current border security policies, the fence is effective along some parts of the border to act as a deterrent to violent drug smugglers and migrants. However, drug smugglers working for Mexican cartels have easily found ways around, under, over, and through it, and migrants move to areas ---- often much more unforgiving --- where the fence ends. Yet, many politicians want to build more fence at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars per mile just to say we have it, and not necessarily because it will be more effective. The virtual border fence was a billion-dollar boondoggle that ended after five years and 53 miles of an electronic barrier that doesn't work."
    Why are there places to where the fence isn't? Because the Secure Fence Act of 2006 – supported by then Sen. Obama --- was scuttled by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson in 2007.
    I knew they wouldn't build that fence and that is why I launched Operation B.E.E.F. – Border Enforcement Evaluation First.
    I personally flew the airplane that mapped where the fence was going in. I reported that the job wasn't being done and that led Sen. Dole to put a halt to the 2007 amnesty vote in the Senate.
    Where properly built, the fence works every time. Where the border was left open, chaos prevails.
We have the proof, but Fox News won't talk to me or visit our ranch. Why? Because they are not what people think they are. O'Reilly, Hannity and Greta are a bunch of well-paid hacks who betray the fundamental interests of their most loyal of viewers for the almighty buck.
    Wake up and smell the refried beans.

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