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Will Radicals Rule?
Alysnki's boys move in for the kill
Washington Post -- March 26   
SEIU launching immigration ad campaign
    The Service Employees International Union is launching a cable ad campaign urging lawmakers to support immigration reform, airing on national cable during the congressional recess.
    The ad will run for a week on the most-watched cable news programs on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. The buy is small at $300,000, but it is part of a seven-figure television ad campaign from the SEIU, a media consultant working with the union says.
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Remember Andy Stern?
Does SEIU Boss Andy Stern Run America?
    Andy Stern, president of the radical Service Employees International Union (SEIU), has visited the Obama White House at least 20 times this year. As Stephen Spruiell notes at NRO:
    "Stern has openly bragged about the SEIU's $61 million investment in Barack Obama. It certainly bought him a lot of access."
    This prompted Glenn Beck to wonder aloud on his TV show today if Stern is "controlling our country." Guest John Fund of the Wall Street Journal added, ", which is a moderate publication, says Andy Stern practically lives at the White House."

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