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Amnesty Antics Abound
Fences don't work, neither will Senate
Glenn Spencer – American Border -- March 28   
    When he, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bennet and Jeff Flake visited the border yesterday, Sen. McCain tweeted:
    "Just witnessed a woman successfully climb an 18-ft bollard fence a few yards from us in #Nogales."
    Let's see, McCain hates fences and says they don't work. When he showed up at the border near Nogales a woman happened to climb the 18-ft fence --- proving he is right. (Never mind that the Secure Fence Act called for a double-layered fence at Nogales.)
    Anyone who believes this wasn't staged will want to see some property I have for sale in Stockton, CA.
    Had I led that tour, I would have taken the group to Sasabe where one thousand illegal aliens cross the border everyday, and the fence is only three feet high.
    Meanwhile, back in Washington, Sen. Leahy is moving to push immigration legislation through the Senate without hold additional hearings on the border issue.
    Yesterday, following a posting on this Web page that I had been trying unsuccessfully to get Rep. Ron Barber's office to return my calls, I did get a call from his DC office. The young lady said she worked on the border issue and would take a look at the Sonic Barrier info. She said she would send me an e-mail showing how I could contact her directly. She never did.
    Anyone ready for ride on the amnesty railroad?

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