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Orchestrated Amnesty
Media and the Senate in the bag
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Swiss film crew gets ready to fly. At left is Wes Fleming of ABP. Spencer has hosted others (Germans, Japanese, Brits, Swedes, and French). But no one from Fox News.
ABC News / Univision -- March 28  
4 Challenges Immigrants Face Before the Border Fence
    In a moment so well-timed it almost felt orchestrated, a group of senators touring a stretch of the border in Arizona encountered a woman trying to scale the border fence and cross into the U.S. on Wednesday.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    Almost felt orchestrated? It was totally orchestrated – just like everything else involved in amnesty. ABC/Univision couldn't even keep a straight face.
    It is obvious that the U.S. Senate, including Rand Paul, is in the bag for amnesty. It is now up to the House of Representatives to save us.
    I spent the last three days with a Swiss film crew. They are working on a major motion picture about the border. If the time they spent with me is any indication, I may play a prominent role in it.
    If ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News had any credibility they would come to the American Border Patrol ranch and do the same thing. If they did, and they told the American people the truth, we would have a secure border before any form of amnesty would even be considered.
    That is why they won't talk to me --- they don't want a secure border at all.
    It is now up to the people to rise up and demand that their member of the House of Representatives demand proof that the border is secure before anything else happens.
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