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Border Security Looms Large
But no mention of the solution at hand
Washington Times -- April 1   
Paper: U.S. must have border security 'yardstick' for reform
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    Arizona's biggest newspaper is arguing in an editorial that comprehensive immigration reform could be "doomed" if Department of Homeland Security Janet A. Napolitano fails to come up with a yardstick for measuring border security.
    The Arizona Republic said President Obama must ramp up pressure on Ms. Napolitano, a former governor of the state, to develop a "simple standard for measuring border security" --- a project she started working for in 2010. The office of Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican working on a bipartisan immigration overhaul bill, immediately fired off an email highlighting the paper's stance.
    "Without that tool, comprehensive immigration reform could be doomed," the Arizona Republic editorial board wrote. "Members of Congress want a clear answer to whether the massive buildup of resources on the border has been effective. This is particularly important to border hawks who remain skeptical of reform. They need convincing, and 'trust me' is not good enough."
    Lawmakers say that the border must be secured before the millions of illegal immigrants already living here are granted legal status and given a pathway to citizenship.
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