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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- April 4  
    Yesterday I flew a mission along the U.S. – Mexico border in American Border Patrol's Cessna TU-206. Cameraman Wes Fleming and I flew 120 miles of the border. We saw many interesting things, but it was what we didn't see on the first leg of the survey that interested us.
    We didn't see one U.S. Border Patrol vehicle for a stretch of 32 miles along the border south of Ft. Huachuca. Not only that, the Forward Operating Base that the USBP had established in this area showed no signs of agents being present.
    Ft. Huachuca is the headquarters of Army intelligence.
    This is a known smuggling area. The little town of Lochiel is just a quick jump over a tiny fence from Mexico.
    We did see a helicopter dropping water on a fire just north of the border eight miles east of Lochiel. The area is uninhabited and there was no lightning anywhere nearby. Any guesses as to who started the fire?
    On returning home, I noticed the absence of USBP agents at the San Pedro River where they are usually stationed. I took two photos to prove it.
    I would be happy to give a tour to any politician looking for the truth about the border.

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