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Border Blackout
Media keeps truth from Americans
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Matt and Peter from Danish Broadcasting Corporation
get ready to fly the border with Glenn Spencer
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- April 8  
    Yesterday I flew a Danish Broadcasting TV crew along the border in Arizona. We took off from Bisbee airport and flew over the new $30 million Border Patrol station at Naco, named after Brian Terry, the agent who may have been murdered with a "Fast And Furious" weapon.
    As we headed back toward the border I pointed out where Agent Ivie was killed by "friendly fire" after a ground sensor sent out a false alarm.
    "Why didn't they finish the fence?" reporter Peter Keldorff asked as we flew along the border east of Douglas, Arizona. "It's silly to build a fence if all you have to do is walk around it," he added.
    As with so many other foreign TV crews I have hosted recently, the Danes got a real education. They saw first-hand solutions to the problem like the Sonic Barrier.
    Somehow, however, we are off-limits to the mainstream U.S. media.
    Today the Danes will be visiting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I told them that Sheriff Joe was warned by the SPLC not to work directly with ABP. He hasn't.
    Next week I will host a crew from Al Jazeera English. In time maybe the only people on the planet who don't know the truth about the border are the American people.

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