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Conquest of Aztlan Re-Released!
Does this video portend trouble ahead?
American Patrol Report -- April 9   
    World Net Daily has decided to re-release the Conquest of Aztlan, a video that Glenn Spencer produced twelve years ago. The video is built upon Spencer's June 18, 2001 appearance on the O'Reilly Factor when Newt Gingrich was the guest host. During the show, Spencer debated Mexican attorney Carlos Olamendi.
    After Spencer quoted leading Mexican politicians on the issue of illegal immigration, Olamendi complained: "It sounds to me very irresponsible to say those words on national television." (See partial transcript)
After the show aired, Spencer decided to make sure that people knew he was quoting people correctly, so he produced the video, "Conquest of Aztlan." It has sold thousands of copies.
    "I stand by every word in this documentary --- even today, twelve years later," Spencer told The American Patrol Report. "These days, a racist is someone who quotes a Mexican threatening the United States," he added.
    Conquest of Aztlan is available from WND by clicking here.

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