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Here We Go Again
Will K Street Lobbyists define border security?
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 10   
    Legislation, the "Border Security Results Act of 2013" has been drafted that is intended to secure the border, but it is full of holes one can drive a Mack Truck through.
    For example Section (b) (2) says:
    "Estimates, using alternate methodologies, including recidivism and survey data, of total attempted illegal border crossings, the rate of apprehension of attempted illegal border crossings, and the inflow into the United States of illegal border crossers who evade apprehension."
    (The RAND corporation has reported that indirect measures of border crossers are unproven.)
    The bill then goes on to say that the Secretary of DHS has 270 days "after receiving the data and methodology described in paragraph (1)" to issue a "...report on the suitability and statistical validity of such data and methodology."
    Finally, the Act defines Operational Control as 90 percent probability that illegal border crossers are apprehended.
    So the total time elapsed before the method to be used is determined is 450 days --- and Operational Control is to be achieved two years after that.
    Recently the Predator UAV was used to actually count the number of people suspected of crossing the border illegally. The results were astounding.
    For the past two years American Border Patrol has been testing a system that actually counts the number of people who cross the border between ports of entry.
    The Border Security Results Act of 2013 gives DHS well over three years to achieve Operational Control of the border - and the way it measures it is totally unclear.
    We believe the Sonic Barrier can do the job immediately with clear results. Will Congress even be allowed to consider our approach, or will the K Street Lobbyists rule the day?

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