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Border Security First?
He can't be serious
Washington Times -- April 12   
Paul: Immigration reform starts with a secure border
Rand Paul
    Congress is getting very close to debating comprehensive immigration reform. I am firmly committed to being part of reforming our nation's immigration laws. Conservatives and liberals agree that our complex immigration system is broken and in need of repair. Although the two sides disagree on solutions, I have three important ideas that should be part of the debate and that should please most Americans.
    My "Trust but Verify" plan has three elements: secure the border, secure the vote and secure the taxpayer's dollar. If these three elements are met, I think, Congress can move forward on a comprehensive plan to reform immigration law.
    Securing the border is my first priority. Under my plan, national and border security will move as the first element of any reform and would require annual votes of Congress to establish that the border is truly secure. No other reform can go forward until this happens.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    Rand Paul says, If Congress votes that the border is not secure, elements of immigration reform will cease going forward and visa programs will be slowed.
    Implied here is that immigration reform will be in the process of going forward. He means that we will legalize millions - but stop anything else unless the border is proven secure.
    He says Congress will vote every year on border security. What Congress? A Democrat congress? Will it - with more Hispanic members - vote that the border is not secure? He can't be serious.
    We must insist that the border be secured before any legalization takes place.
    How can we do this? I have a plan. Read about it here.

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