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Fox News Comes Through
Reports on Secure Border Intel Efforts
Washington Times -- April 12   
'We're being inundated': Arizona group documents border battle with revealing audio, images
    For all the talk in Washington about border security, the one agency charged with providing it isn't sharing a wealth of details. So a group of volunteers -- called Secure Border Intelligence -- has stepped in, working around the clock in Arizona to keep a thorough record of the front lines of the border battle.
    Using tiny, motion-activated cameras hidden in the desert along known smuggling routes, the group captures images of illegal immigrants streaming into the U.S. Some carry water, others bundles of drugs slung across their shoulders. SBI also records conversations between Border Patrol pilots and agents on the ground. Excerpts from those conversations, obtained exclusively by Fox News, suggest the border may not be as secure as frequently portrayed by the Obama administration.
    The following is one exchange recorded by the group:
    Drone Operator: "We haven't been in that area for hours... we're being inundated where we're at."
    Fixed-wing Pilot: "This is Night Owl on air four. You guys got targets out there?"
    Drone Operator: "Are you kidding me? We just broke the record."
    Helicopter Pilot: "We're going to need another person over here, we've got about 50 bodies out there."
    Fixed-wing Pilot: "What's your plan on the group of 20 or so that's outstanding?"
    Drone Operator: "Working a group of 37."
    Helicopter Pilot: "Left side of the bird, left side of the bird ... bodies and bundles." [...]
    Asked more about their membership and means, the group's founder said they preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being targeted.
    "Due to the sensitive nature of our endeavor, further disclosure of the mechanism of our efforts cannot be disclosed," he said. "We would prefer that the story be about the 'smoking gun' information provided rather than about the 'messenger' providing the information."

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