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Al Jazeera Flight Detected
Border system proves worth
American Patrol Report -- April 14   
Wes Fleming of ABP, left, with Al Jazeera film crew
    A routine flight along the border for a TV crew yesterday was used to test a new border security system. Loaded with three members of an Al Jazeera English news team, Glenn Spencer flew American Border Patrol's Cessna TU 206 directly across the border at ABP's ranch to see if the Sonic Barrier could spot the "intruder." According to Spencer, as the aircraft crossed over the Sonic Barrier sensor line, the main computer sent out an alarm of an aircraft flying overhead. "The Sonic Barrier detects sound waves and the airplane made enough noise to set it off --- even flying at 300 feet above ground," Spencer said. (Spencer said he had alerted CPB border radar of his test plans.)
    The Sonic Barrier has been used to detect ultralight aircraft, but now it has been shown capable of detecting heavier airplanes as well.
    The Al Jazeera news team was at ABP's ranch to get a first-hand report on its activities. Besides a flight along the border, they witnessed a live demonstration of the Sonic Barrier detects as it detected four people walking about 600 feet from the sensor system. Spencer explained that the system could be used as the basis for establishing a secure border. "If those wishing immigration reform were serious, they would be down here applauding our efforts," Spencer told the Al Jazeera reporter.
    According to Wikipedia, Al Jazeera English's stated objective is ""to give voice to untold stories, promote debate, and challenge established perceptions." There is no doubt that the work of American Border Patrol is an untold story in America.

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