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Border Measure Looms Large in Debate
ABP sought solution four years ago -- and found it
Byron York -- Townhall.com -- April 16  
New Data on Border Crossings Could Change Immigration Debate
A blast from the past --- our story almost four years ago
    There's a confrontation coming between the Obama administration and Republicans in Congress over the most basic question of immigration reform: How secure is the U.S. border with Mexico?
    Not only does the administration not know -- and perhaps doesn't want to know -- but there are signs the border is less secure than some of the most skeptical Republicans thought.
    Last year the Border Patrol began experimenting with a new drone-based surveillance system that had been developed for finding Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Starting in the fall, officials used the radar-based system over a fairly small portion of the Arizona border. The results were striking.
    "According to internal reports, Border Patrol agents used the airborne radar to help find and detain 1,874 people in the Sonora Desert between October 1 [2012] and January 17 [2013]," reported the Los Angeles Times last week. "But the radar system spotted an additional 1,962 people in the same area who evaded arrest and disappeared into the United States." [...]
    "The results speak for themselves," says one GOP Hill aide involved in border security issues. "We can't really use apprehensions as an accurate measure when we're not even seeing half the people."
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report
    ABP searched for years and found a solution to this problem.
    But who cares? Yesterday, Reuters reported it had talked to border ranchers, including Bill Odle. According to Glenn Spencer, he can see Bill Odle's house from his home-office window. "If the US media are any indication, I must be in hiding," Spencer said.

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