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Outrageous Border Security Proposal
It is time to end the BS
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The Gang of Eight --- "They can't be serious"
Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- April 18  
    In 2006 Congress passed the Secure Fence Act. Senator Obama voted for it. Then, in 2007, Sen. Hutchinson passed an amendment giving DHS discretion over what and when to build the fence. The result was the fence wasn't built.
    In early 2011, Rep. Candice Miller asked DHS to define what border security meant. Almost three years to the date later, DHS told Miller it couldn't define what border security meant.
    Now we have the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (The BS Plan), which relies in large measure on the cooperation of the Secretary of Homeland Security to do stuff. The people who drafted this legislation can't be serious.
    I have laid out a plan to secure the border. I stand by that plan with the following modifications:
    The Southern Border Security Commission in The BS Plan would be instituted immediately at the same time the Sonic Barrier is installed all along the border;
    The portion of the Secure Fence Act covering Arizona would be completed immediately, thus releasing thousands of agents – and dozens of aircraft - to be deployed elsewhere; and
    DHS would be allotted $5 billion additional funds to secure the border (i.e., fewer than 20,000 total 'got aways' per year for two years). If, using Sonic Barrier data, the Commission decided the job wasn't done; there would be no legalization of any sort.
    This job can be done, and the American people should demand it. It is time to end the BS.

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